AOA 009: The Self Made Coach with Alex Kuhn

“I realized I needed to earn the right to be successful” -Alex Kuhn The Art of Adventure Podcast Alex Kuhn

Alex Kuhn went from champion collegiate swimmer to swim coach who was known for his recruiting prowess and turning programs around from losing records to winning in a short time.

Alex told me the story of listening to motivational speakers at the age of 11 on his walkman instead of MC Hammer, and cultivating a dream to help people. Two and a half years ago, Alex left the swim coaching world to fulfill his childhood dream of helping even more people, and that is where we find him today: at the helm of his Self Made team!

Alex didn’t get here the easy way however. Listen to the whole episode to find out how Alex bounced back from hitting rock bottom: nearly bankrupt, camping out, and eating peanut butter sandwiches.

What you will learn in this episode:

-How important body language is in listening

-How people want to be understood before they want help

-Different ways to measure success

-How to speak on stage to one person at a time

-How your mindset affects everything including your priorities

-How creating your own solutions leads to better results


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