AOA 065 | Andy McLean | Social Entrepreneurship And Global Citizenship

“Social change takes leadership” – Andy McLean

You want to make a difference right? But where to start? Should you donate time or money? Should you start a charity or a social enterprise? Should you donate your business profits like 1% for the planet or donate products like Tom’s shoes?

If you are traveling to a developing country, what is your impact on the environment and culture? What do people want help with? Building schools? Cleaning up the trash? Helping people with medicine?

These are some of the big important questions we cover in this episode of the Art of Adventure podcast

I met my guest, Andy McLean in Bali where he is working on several social change initiatives.


Andy Mclean Art of Adventure


“It shouldn’t take a tragic situation to take spur action” – Andy McLean

“Ask yourself ‘Is my business suitable for social entrepreneurship?'” – Andy McLean

“Social change takes leadership” – Andy McLean

“What is the local appetite for social change?” – Andy McLean

“Adventure is when you feel like a pioneer” – Andy McLean

“Social change starts with promotion of what is already available” – Andy McLean

“We want to be wary of setting a tone that says ‘we know better'” – Andy McLean


What you will learn in this episode:

-The difference between creating shared value vs. giving

-How to know what causes to prioritize

-The weak vs. strong approach to social change

-How to build charitable cause into your community or business

-How to use crowdfunding for social causes

-How to find your community as a nomad

-How Andy’s goal to do social good in Bali has progressed and his biggest learnings

-How to partner with the right local leaders

Continue the adventure:

The Better Bali Project

Derek’s Charity:Water campaign

Thanks Andy McLean!

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Did you enjoy the episode:
This show was a little bit of a different format, did you enjoy the discussion? What do you think are the most important consideration as an entrepreneur? How about as a digital nomad? How do you chose to contribute to the world?

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