AOA 030 | Dave Booda | Exploring Creativity and Relationships

“I swear that I am wrong more than most people” – Dave Booda on showing up and putting yourself out there for the world

Today’s guest is Dave Booda! Dave has become a good friend of mine here in Bali, and he joins me for a fun in-person, in-studio session.  Dave has an interesting back story – He was in the Navy, has been a dating coach, and has been on National Geographic. Dave is part of the YouTube channel and podcast DudePanel, where women write in their questions and Dave and his friends answer them – it actually pretty fun I like watching the videos even though they are speaking towards women. Dave is a full time writer and founder of the new podcast Darken the Page, about writer’s creative process. When I think of Dave, I think of a really wise and thoughtful individual.  In this episode we get real with some straight talk about relationships, sex, men and women, death, success, creativity, and way more!

Dave Booda Art of Adventure

What you will learn in this episode:

-How to deconstruct anything to get better at it

-How to run lots of projects at once

-How to explore love and relationships

-How to think outside the box in relationships

-The secret to attraction

-How to be willing to take a creative risk

-The beauty of hardship

Mentioned in this episode:

Darken the Page Podcast

Dave’s Writing: Boodaism

Dude Panel

Dude Panel on Twitter

Alan Watts

Non Dualism

Thanks Dave Booda!

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