AOA 099 | Carolyn Elliott Ph.D. | How To Connect Deeply Through Writing

“I don’t care unless you are willing to show me you are a real human”- Carolyn Elliott

Warning! This is a dangerous episode!

I first met Carolyn Elliott when she came to a talk I gave about podcasting at Hubud here in Bali. We have since worked together on launching her podcast, which will be out in January, called Evil Genius Superconnectors.

It became clear right away that Carolyn is no ordinary woman, as she is the only one I know who will wear red lipstick daily in the tropics. She openly tells people about being into magic, astrology, and her shadowy side. All this, combined with formal training of a Ph.D. in poetry makes her one of the most compelling writers I know.

She is the creator of THRILL, the course on how to write for the social web. I had her on the episode to talk about how we can write in a compelling way in our books, blog posts, and even social media updates. She calls this creating a “Page Turner Persona” – accessing the most human parts (light or dark) of yourself and sharing that fully.

For me this is the edgiest, riskiest episode I have recorded, partly because there are some intense ideas that made me uncomfortable during the interview, partly because there is strong language and swearing, and partly because there is a dense web of ideas here that we are trying to spin into simple thoughts.

If you want to challenge yourself to be the type of writer that people can relate to for generations, that inspires raving fans, and have people thank you for writing what others could not, this is the episode for you.

Carolyn Elliott Art of Adventure


“How to be more engaging is to have a greater tolerance for you own darkness” – Carolyn Elliott

“What cause are you willing to sleep out in the cold for?” – Carolyn Elliott

“I don’t care unless you are willing to show me you are a real human”- Carolyn Elliott

“What characters do I find most interesting and most compelling?”- Carolyn Elliott

“Poetry doesn’t play by the rules of rational discourse”- Carolyn Elliott

“Share you epic heroes journey with us”- Carolyn Elliott

“A burning desire, a challenge, a thirst to prove yourself in some deep quest is an access point for compelling writing”- Carolyn Elliott

“On whose behalf will you be heroic?”- Carolyn Elliott

“Find the altruism deep in your soul”- Carolyn Elliott

What you will learn:

-How to explore your dark side

-How to find characters from books and movies that resonate with you and use them in your writing

-How to share your journey

-How to find your burning desire or mission

-How to find out your deepest altruism

-Examples of celebrities who share their humanity

-How rites of passage are important for men to be able to face challenge and conflict

Continue the Adventure (Resources from this episode):


THRILL the complete masterclass on writing for the social web

Awaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams

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