The 2014 Ultimate Guide to Cyclocross Resources

2014 cyclocross resources

Thinking of doing your first Cyclocross season? Been racing CX for a while and want to delve deeper into the sport?

Each year I publish a list of my favorite cyclocross resources to help you kick butt and enjoy getting muddy! Here is a list of my favorite Cyclocross resources for 2014

Websites: Race results, bikes, interviews, etc Boulder based, has all the results, but goes a step further with insight and racing analysis. Race, Tech, Skills, etc. Complete resource. This is where I go to find out what tires or disc brakes I should try this season.  While I always encourage you to build a good relationship and shop at your local bike shop (they are the ones who can rescue your bike after particularly muddy races), Cyclocross world has all the best CX gear, including hard to find stuff.


Cyclocross: Training and Technique by Simon Burney. The single best book for learning about cyclocross racing. This book gets into training, racing, skill, equipment, you name it.

Behind The Stare by Geoff Proctor. By Longtime director of the Eurocross Camp and Montana English teacher, this book is tell all about the Pro cross scene in and included lots of training and lifestyle info.

Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross by Molly Hurford.  This is a great collection of stories about cyclocross in the US, as told by racers, coaches, hecklers, and event promoters.

The Time-Crunched Cyclist, 2nd Ed. (The Time-Crunched Athlete) by Chris Carmichael. Perfect for Cyclocross racers who work also.  I used adaptations of the training in this book to race the collegiate cycling season while a full time grad student on 8 hours of training/week.

Training Camps: With Jeremy Powers in Boulder,CO, August 29-31. With Tim Johnson and coach Pete Webber (who runs the Boulder jr. cross also).  Great one each year, is a bit earlier in the summer. With east coast cyclocross legend Adam Myerson Aug 9-10.

Video  The reality TV series started by and starring Jeremy Powers gives the best look inside the US Pro cross lifestyle.  The now have several channels with race analysis, previews, and rankings. Collection of a few technique videos UKCX. All the UCI Cross races in full


Mosaic 2013 NAHBS best cyclocross bike winner (and my personal sponsor)

Ridley Top Choice of lots of Euro Pro teams

Cannondale Ridden by top US racers, Tim Johnson and Ryan Trebon

Focus Ridden by US national champion Jeremy Powers and the Rapha-Focus team

Trek gets a CX street cred boost now that both Sven Nys and Katie Compton are riding their bikes



Custom Coaching with Coach Derek (Me!) Get a fully customized training plan, race prep, technique, tactics, diet, psychological prep, and more!

Cycle-Smart for you East-Coast types

TrainingPeaks Cyclocross Training Plans.  Get a pre-written plan here to guide you through your training


Thanks for reading, and have an epic season!


Did I leave anything out?  Leave your best cyclocross resource in the comments

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