AOA 023 | Scott Young | Accelerated Learning and Big Ideas

“You can give away 95% of your ideas” – Scott H. Young on being a full time writer/blogger

I’m so stoked about today’s episode with Scott H. Young! Scott is a full time writer, with over 1000 article on his blog, he completed the entire MIT computer science degree on his own in just one year, he spent the last year traveling the world not speaking english and living in four different countries, and he is an expert at accelerated learning and putting theories into practice. In this episode, Scott shares some big ideas and specific techniques you can use today – so get ready to take your learning to the next level on today’s Art of Adventure!

Scott Young Art of Adventure

What you will learn in this episode

-Accelerated learning skills such as:

-The Spacing Effect

-The Interleaving Effect

-How to cram a 4 year degree into one year for free

-How to not speak english for a year and learn four new languages

-How to make a living as a full time writer

-How interest spikes at the completion of a project

-Whether or not you should talk about a big project before you start

Mentioned in this episode:

Learn more, quickly:

Massively Open Online Courses:

Jonathan Haber of Degree of Freedom

Thanks Scott Young!

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Potential New Art of Adventure Project!

Also, I’d love to get some feedback from you guys – I’m working on the initial stages of a project for adventurous entrepreneurs (alluded to at the end of the show with Simon) to teach some of the skills that you need to succeed, but might not get from other technical based courses. I’m talking about skills such as body language, charisma, networking, productivity, and bio hacking. I’m also thinking this course might culminate in an adventurous retreat that would balance business workshops with activities like surfing, meditation, whitewater rafting, and yoga. Is this something that interests you? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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