AOA 041 | Nicole Lapin | Get Your Financial Life Together!

Nicole Lapin was the youngest ever anchor on CNN and the CNBC. She covered financial stories and reported on the biggest financial crisis of our generation.

Despite her success, she did not understand money as a language. As she began to pick up powerful female role models and mentors, and discover how so much of what was happening in the world tied back to money, and she began to understand what it mean to live a rich life.

Her new book, Rich Bitch, is the story of her financial adventure, and full of practical tips to help you live a richer life.

Just like in her book, in this episode, Nicole does away with the canned responses and gets real about what she has learned and why she thinks the ideas in this book can help women (and men) be more confident around their finances.

If you are interested in some straight talk about money and breaking down some of the barriers to having a healthy financial life, you will love episode 41 with Nicole Lapin!

Nicole Lapin Art of Adventure

“I would wish that young women would find the confidence to life a rich, full life in all the sense of the word” – Nicole Lapin

“Adventure is about collecting new experiences, new memories, and embracing discomfort” – Nicole Lapin

What you will learn in this episode:

-What Nicole would do with a gift of $105,000 tomorrow

-How to negotiate things you never thought you could

-How Nicole discovered all things tie back to money

-Why you should build “fun money” into your budget

-How to build a top notch team

-How and why to invest in yourself

-How to value your time

-How to think about your love life like a career

-Should we be using credit cards for the perks?

Nicole Lapin Rich Bitch Art of Adventure

Mentioned in this episode:

Rich Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally

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Did you enjoy the podcast?
Nicole is such a real and open person who gladly shares her struggles and insights. What was the number one thing you learn about getting your financial life on track?

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