AOA 049 | David Wood | Make Money While You Sleep: Creating Products (Part II)

Have you ever thought that you want to start and internet business, but didn’t know where to start? There is a ton of advice out there today about this, which can be confusing or contradictory. This episode will break the whole process down into just five steps

In part II of our Art of Adventure interview with Coach David Wood, we go over the most basic process for starting an internet business that you can automate to make money while you sleep.

David Wood is the author of Get Paid For Who You Are and at one point was ranked #1 on google for life coaching, and has recently created the Coach MBA course to teach what he knows to life coaches.

If you want the simplest step by step process for getting your first product created and sold online, this is the episode for you!

David Wood Art of Adventure

“Start badly because at least you will have started” – David Wood

“Adventure is doing something out of the ordinary that feels exciting” – David Wood

“There is always a group of people a step behind you who can learn from what you know” – David Wood

What you will learn in this episode:

-The five step process to make money while you sleep with an online business

-How to build long term relationship (how will people get to know you?)

-How to get coaching clients by making products

-How to figure out who you will help

-The basics of what you need on your website

-What is the first things you should sell?

-What you should do when people visit your website (what do you want them to do?)

-How long it will take you to get to a 6 figure income

Mentioned in this episode

David’s Coach MBA Program

Special Offers for AOA listeners: Go deep with Get Paid For Who You Are, with the bonus chapters from the book and Get Paid University. Code: FREEDOM

Coaching training:

Get Paid For Who You Are


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Did you enjoy the episode?
David is really good at laying out some real world examples – this time based on my knowledge of microbiology. What experience have you been through that you want to turn into a product or coaching?

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