AOA 077 | Mario ‘The Magician’ Marchese | How To Make Your Own Magic

“Kids are looking for the foundational bricks of their lives”- Mario Marchese

I’m really excited about today’s guest! Get ready to learn all about how this NYC magician creates his own magic props, and the philosophy of why we should make new things

Mario ‘the Magician’ Marchese has been featured in a film documentary called Building Magic, has been a guest on Sesame Street, and does magic shows for the young and young at heart in New York.

Mario spent two years hitchhiking around the US, living without money, and he has brought the mentality of wonder to his life and projects as a magician. He is building a magic classic car in his garage, has a robotic monkey, and his entire act fits into a single magic suitcase.

His mission is to leave kids inspired with a foundational confidence that they can create what they want.

Mario’s friends would describe him as the best in the world at focusing on his creative projects. I was really impressed with the breadth of those projects, from learning to sew jeans, code, create robots, build a car, and learn magic.

You are going to love Mario’s enthusiasm for his life and projects, and his well developed philosophies about making things, and what we need in life. Enjoy!

Mario the magician Art of Adventure


“Thought limitation you find inspiration” – Mario Marchese

“Have faith in the unseen path” – Mario Marchese

“You would puke because the magic seemed like a miracle” – Mario Marchese

“Magic is like medicine – a team of people solving a problem” – Mario Marchese

“Good things happen when you let go” – Mario Marchese

“People give you more respect when they pay you for something” – Mario Marchese

“If it was easy, everyone would do it” – Mario Marchese

“Be able to let go of your work at the end of the day” – Mario Marchese

“I want to teach my kids the hitchhiking spirit” – Mario Marchese

“People will always lift you up” – Mario Marchese

“Adventure is screaming at the top of my lungs in the back of a pickup truck in the middle of nowhere” – Mario Marchese

“Stay Passionate”- Mario Marchese

“Maybe I was a magician all along”- Mario Marchese

“Kids are looking for the foundational bricks of their lives”- Mario Marchese

“Live like you have nothing, even when you have something”- Mario Marchese

“You don’t have a choice but to try to get to the greatest of who you are”- Mario Marchese

What you will learn in this episode:

-Specifics of how Mario uses his Arduino controller

-How Mario uses 3D printing

-How Mario and his wife run the business

-Why create your own vs. buy a product

-How the older generation of magicians mentors the younger

-How to learn to be a magician

-Mario’s lessons from 2 years without using money

-How to continually improve your craft

-Which magic tricks you should learn first

-What living without money can teach you about success

-The importance of community support

Continue the Adventure:

Mario appears on Sesame Street

Mario in the Huffington Post

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Arduino Controller

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