AOA 018 | Justin O’Connor | The Under 20 Workout

“It is better to not work out than to be injured” – Justin O’Connor on why having a workout program that keeps you injury free isn’t as sexy, but hugely important.

Justin O’Connor is a professional actor and writer and was trying lots of different types of workouts, only to find they were not able to give him the lean physique he was looking for. Harking back to his days as an NCAA Division I Hockey and Baseball player, he observed that the gymnasts at the same school were working out for much less total time and had much leaner bodies, and Justin started experimenting with sprinting and high speed/high intensity workouts. After six weeks sprinting in the street in front of his house, some of his friends noticed a profound improvement in his musculature, and asked Justin to train them as well. Eventually he was teaching group workouts in the local park, and put videos of his workouts online for friends. Fast forward two and a half years to today, and the Under 20 workout is available in over 45 countries and has helped people with a variety of body types lean up and feel more healthy!

If you want to run faster, jump higher, look good, and feel healthy, this is the podcast episode for you!

Justin OConnor Art of Adventure Podcast

What you will learn in this episode:

-The research behind how sprinting influences physique

-How visualization/self storytelling can help your workouts

-How to know when to start a company

-How to make up workout moves

-How improv comedy training can help your business

-How to beat up a shark

-The benefits of self experimentation

-How the $1 trial is the best pre-qualifier for customers

Mentioned in this episode:

-Intermittent Fasting

Justin put together an Under 20 Workout Special Deal for Art of Adventure listeners! Get a year full of workouts and access to everything in the program for less than $2/ week


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