AOA008: Personal Branding and Expanding Your Reach With Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez The art of adventure podcast“Would you be proud of what you accomplished on this planet if you were not here tomorrow?” – Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez’s name means “positive message”, which is fitting for a man who’s mission is to help people by teaching them how to enhance their personal brand.

Since launching his first website just a year and a half ago, Navid has created a world class podcast: The Lifestyle Architects, connected with many high level influencers, delivered tons of value to entrepreneurs everywhere through his epic guides, and generally punched fear in the face!

What I learned from Navid in this interview about the adversity in his life and how it lead him to find his WHY – his reason for getting out of bed and working so hard each day, really motivated me. I learned a lot from this chat, and I am sure you will too.

What you will learn in this Episode:

-How you can start from scratch as an entrepreneur

-How meeting the right peers kept him learning and accountable

-How he turned adversity into personal growth

-How he found his first mentor in Nate Bunger

-Networking tips like:
->His #1 tip for new podcasters is to collaborate with people
->Offer your help for free
->Leaving thoughtful blog comments

-How his first interview with Pat Flynn forced him to launch his blog with an in-depth blog post

-The power of interviewing people (even before he had a podcast)

-The “Act before you are ready” philosophy

-Navid’s advice on time management: Plan tomorrow today, Navid plans 3 things to do for the next day so he can’t fail

Links: – Where you can find all his blog posts, podcasts, show notes, and other offerings!

The Branding Summit – Navid’s newest project, where he has interviews with over 60 branding experts!

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Navid’s challenge to you: reach out to three people you admire and want to connect with – tell them the value you got from them. Leave us a note in the comments of who you connected with and how it went!

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