AOA 091 | Jiro Taylor | Flow State Collective

“Achieving a flow state can enhance learning 500%-700%”- Jiro Taylor

Jiro Taylor is an adventurer, meditator, surfer, snowboarder, and student of the science and philosophy of flow states. He is the founder of the FlowState Collective, a group for high performing individuals.

He is a former headhunter in the finance industry – which he calls his ‘Wolf of Wall Street days’, where he studied and interacted with peak performers in the banking world.

Jiro first found flow on the waves and snow riding boards, and expanded his learning to studying mindfulness side-by-side with zen buddhists monks in Japan.

Jiro now teaches flow and meditation as a means of helping high performing individuals enhance their performance, happiness, and full experience of life.

In this episode, we are going to tap into his vast wealth of knowledge about the science and spirituality around flow states, and what you can do to get and use flow to enhance your life.

I think you are really going to like Jiro, because he is so excited about life and adventure, and has some great stories about his journey. This is a great episode because we take a deep look at understanding the flow state on different levels from the physical to the mental.

Jiro Taylor Art of Adventure


“A wave is a blank canvas of pure energy” – Jiro Taylor

“Flow is the state of optimal consciousness” – Jiro Taylor

“I learned to meditate sitting side by side with Zen monks”- Jiro Taylor

“Creativity is merging something new with something that already exists in your subconscious”- Jiro Taylor

“Achieving a flow state can enhance learning 500%-700%”- Jiro Taylor

“Monks, mystics, and shamans live in a state below consciousness”- Jiro Taylor

“Everything you do, you will do better in flow”- Jiro Taylor

“Adventure requires overcoming challenge, fear, or both”- Jiro Taylor

“Adventure is something that changes people”- Jiro Taylor

“Do more of what makes you come alive”- Jiro Taylor

“Every day we tune in to our intuition”- Jiro Taylor

“When you live life more mindfully you will experience more flow”- Jiro Taylor

What you will learn:

-What is flow and how does it occur

-How to use flow to enhance your performance

-What is the proper challenge to skill ratio

-How to structure your life to get more flow

-How flow enhances learning, creativity, and productivity

-How to use journaling to release blocks of flow

-How to practice mindfulness by becoming aware of our everyday tasks

Continue the Adventure:

The Flow State Collective


The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance

Flow (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)

Building of the boat Ocean Divine from the Maldives Adventure:

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