AOA 043 | Ben Parr | The Science of Capturing People’s Attention

Today’s guest was a journalist for CNET and Mashable. He wrote thousands of articles during his time there.

He is also the founder of DominateFund, a seed stage venture capital fund. Their objective is to help entrepreneurs through branding, attention, virality, experience, design, and more.

All this to say that our guest today on the Art of Adventure podcast, Ben Parr, is uniquely qulaified to write the book Captivology

The books it the perfect blend of a scientific review of the literature on attention, and a journalistic telling of how the best businesses use this science to make something noticeable.

Captivology is all about what captures and keeps peoples attention. In this interview we dig deep into the seven triggers of captivation. So, if you or your business have a message that you want to get out to the world, Ben is here to help you figure out the best way to deliver it! Listen to the whole episode to find out Ben’s favorite extreme sport, and will he reveal while he decided to finally write this book?

Ben Parr Art of Adventure

“If I could add anything to the world, I would add a replicator from Star Trek” – Ben Parr

“Adventure is doing something different and learning something different as often as you can” – Ben Parr

What you will learn in this episode:

-What color you should wear while hitchhiking for the greatest success

-The seven triggers of captivation

-The power of the unanswered question

-Why Old Spice and Charity:Water have such memorable ad campaigns

-How to use symbols to captivate

-Why we binge watch TV shows

-How to activate the dopamine loop

-How to disrupt expectations to be memorable

Mentioned in this episode:

Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention

Ben Parr Captivology Art of Adventure

Charity : Water

Thanks Ben Parr!

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Did you enjoy the episode?
Ben Parr does a great job bringing the science together with the best examples we are familiar with. Which captivation trigger do you find really hooks you?

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